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AMM - Advanced Meter Management

ZONOS AMM is the communication interface to upstream devices or systems. The AMM manages meters and communications devices, collects and processes data and sends this to applications such as Meter Data Management (MDM) systems.

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MDM - Meter Data Management

ZONOS MDM is responsible for the data processing and long-term storage of big data volumes that are supplied by the AMM, HES and AMI (Smart Meter Infrastructure). The MDM system carries out the VEE processes, has a comprehensive tariffing engine, and communicates with billing and customer care systems for end to end smart metering processes.

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Integrated solution AMM/MDM

AMM and MDM can be displayed on an integrated platform. This solution avoids data redundancy and is very efficient. This creates cost-savings for procurement, integration and operation.

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SMGWA - Smart Meter Gateway Administration

The high security Smart Meter Gateway Administrator (SMGWA) system enables BSI-compliant administration and management of smart meter gateways according to the standard TR-03109 for the German market.