ZONOS™ MDM requests or collects, validates and processes data (e.g. consumption data or events and alarms) and shares this with applications such as billing systems or external data analysis. Integrated with these systems the MDM is the core enabler of end-to-end smart metering processes. Data is made available for market processes or used for commercial propositions based on smart metering data. The modern system architecture and the use of the ZONOS™ smart energy platform allow high-speed data processing and low cost scaling of the overall solution.

ZONOS MDM supports all core utility processes allowing an easy configuration of move-ins and move-outs, customer changes, innovative tariffs, device-related processes (e.g. disconnection, load limitation) or a central pre-payment solution. It can be interfaced with existing billing, market communication and other systems, but also complemented through optional ZONOS modules (e.g. PortalBasic) enabling powerful customer interaction, implementation of customer loyalty programs or offering of completely new services.


  • Multi-utility support (power, gas, water, heat, etc.) and multi-tenancy gives great flexibility and scale advantages
  • Configurable Validation, Estimation and Editing (VEE) rules provide maximum flexibility
  • Advanced tariffing engine enables easy commercialisation of smart metering data
  • End-to-end smart metering processes through out-of-the-box interfaces to existing systems (e.g. SAP MDUS EHP7) reduce integration cost


  • Multi-utility support (power, gas, water, heat, etc.)
  • VEE: validation, estimation based on flexible algorithms and manual editing
  • Processing of time series based on interval data
  • Creation of time series based on meter reads
  • Customer and contract management (also possible through e.g. SAP interface)
  • Support of simple to very complex tariff schemes
  • Important commands (e.g. on demand meter reads, disconnection, load limitation, pre-payment)
  • Portal API for interfacing with customer portal solutions or Apps; alternatively, our ZONOS™ module PortalBasic can be used
  • Metering of consumption and production with flexible hierarchical configuration through sub- and virtual meter functionality
  • Centralised and uniform event and alarm management
  • Support of OBIS codes and market conformant communication formats such as EDIFACT (MSCONS), GS2, Edine (E65/E66), etc.
  • Extensive process management and interfaces for Business Process Management (BPM) solutions
  • Extensive reports and statistics, optional extendable by our ZONOS™ module ReportPlus
  • Plugins for billing and asset management systems such as SAP MDUS
  • Plugins for ZONOS™ AMM and other head-end systems, e.g. based on IEC-61968
  • Wide range of web services for management, configuration and data import/export
  • Energy management and smart grid applications (including non-technical losses) through sub- and virtual meters
  • Flexible roles and rights management
  • Functional extension through use of optional ZONOS™ modules
PDF 1.3 MB Data sheet: MDM - Meter Data Management