Partnering - Key to our business

We have experience to support a wide range of use-cases for various areas. Additional devices and new industries can be easily added through our flexible architecture combined with our experts’ long experience and deep knowledge of device and communication infrastructure integration.

Sales through global and local partners enable us to offer our solutions worldwide with compliance to local requirements. We work closely with these partners combining their strength to deliver the solutions and services that serves our clients best. Particularly for larger implementation projects, Cuculus benefits from a close cooperation with globally operating system integrators or local integrators with a high degree of specialisation.

  • Dutco Tenant
  • AMT
  • Subhasree
  • dhoot
  • Partnerlogo ERICSSON
  • Partnerlogo Evry
  • hmp
  • Partnerlogo Accenture

Devices, communications and software

Customers have flexibility to make use of the devices and communication infrastructure of choice. To achieve this we are working closely with device and communications equipment manufacturers. Our IoT platform is capable of controlling a multitude of devices from various vendors through a single system set-up. We prefer open and direct communication with customers to ensure transparency and smooth project flow. We welcome contacts from parties interested in having their products added to the growing list of certified devices that can be controlled by ZONOS. You will find a substract of our partners such as meter, gateway and concentrator manufacturers, producers of home automation components, database and platform providers as well as specialized process and SAP consultants listed below.

  • inhemeter
  • Badger
  • pixolus
  • elvaco
  • Partnerlogo PPC
  • Partnerlogo Redhat
  • Solvimus
  • Partnerlogo theben
  • Partnerlogo worldline
  • Partnerlogo Xemex
  • Partnerlogo NZR
  • Partnerlogo Kaifa
  • Partnerlogo NES
  • Partnerlogo Oracle
  • Partnerlogo MySQL
  • Partnerlogo Devolo
  • Partnerlogo Digi
  • Partnerlogo Flonidan
  • Partnerlogo LandisGyr
  • Partnerlogo DrNeuhaus
  • kamstrup
  • Danfoss
  • crystal
  • Sensus
  • cyanconnode
  • EAA

Certification and Training Program

We have developed a comprehensive certification and training program for our partners and customers. A combination of standard training and on-the-job experience from projects is necessary to obtain certification. The certification gives assurance that the involved personnel will have the required expertise and skills to be successful.


Cuculus has the opportunity of an active participation in the development of the energy sector as we are member in different organizations, forums and associations.

  • STSA
  • wits
  • dlms
  • zwave
  • bne
  • smartEn
  • fnn

We are looking forward to welcome new partners who share our market vision and believe that the major challenges in the energy market and beyond can only be solved together. Feel free to get in touch to explore the possibilities!