written at 08.11.2021

At Cuculus, we’re excited to announce our collaboration with Westfalian Wilhems-University Münster. The collaboration will lead to the development of the ZONOS™ GridProtect module, an innovative solution for the utility industry.

Collaborating with WWU Münster has been a natural choice for us. The university has a strong track record in industry research, and they specialise in innovative technologies. The funding has been set at €330,000 EUR and will help us to develop GridProtect over the next two years with WWU Münster.

Striving for excellence, driving innovation, and collaborating with partners are a few of our core values at Cuculus. These values help to guide us as we work towards solving emerging use cases for critical infrastructures, and ZONOS™ GridProtect is a perfect example of that innovative mindset. We’re excited to collaborate with a university that believes the same.

ZONOS™ GridProtect by Cuculus

ZONOS™ GridProtect is an innovative technology to protect critical infrastructure from instability and power grid failure. The solution will help to evaluate grid stability, anticipate critical transitions like power grid failure, and to ensure a resilient and reliable supply of critical goods.

ZONOS™ GridProtect has the potential to solve global issues around ensuring a more stable power supply, arguably a network operator’s most important task no matter where they’re located.

At Cuculus, we don’t stand by and wait for industry challenges to take us by surprise. We believe in a proactive approach to embracing industry challenges while actively looking for ways to build cutting-edge solutions that address these problems.

As climate change, renewable energy, and unprecedented demand for critical goods place network operators under an increasing amount of pressure, we’ll continue to create solutions for the future.

Gefördert durch: Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie aufgrund eines Beschlusses des Deutschen Bundestages

Learn more about our collaboration by contacting one of our sales representatives at +49 3677 686 000 0 or online.