written at 19.07.2021

ZONOS™ CollectAll is a leading solution enabling utility billing and payment processes for classical meters or AMI-enabled meters. CollectAll supports multi-utility systems like electricity, water, and gas.

It’s more important than ever that utility companies prepare for the future. Choosing solutions that process pre- and post-billing payments efficiently and securely for both legacy meters and AMI-enabled smart meters is vital to protecting revenue and allowing for cash flow optimisation. These solutions also need to be STS compliant, as well as prepared for the TID rollover.

ZONOS™ CollectAll can do all this and more.

Key benefits of ZONOS™ CollectAll:

  • Secure. As an open-standard solution, ZONOS™ CollectAll meets various standards for protecting your customer’s data and privacy.
  • Auditable. Enabled by the ZONOS™ IoT Platform, CollectAll records all data manipulation or sharing, meaning it’s easy to track details and the changes to usage.
  • Open. CollectAll is a flexible solution that can integrate with any third-party vending solution. Furthermore it can also be used by third-parties to bill their services and products easily.
  • Flexible. By working with all types of third-party meters (e.g. AMI enabled real-time tariffing), CollectAll allows you to choose the best solution for your customers, rather than locking you into specific billing solutions.

Why choose ZONOS™ CollectAll

We’ve designed ZONOS™ CollectAll to support pre-and-post-billing payments for multi-utility systems like electricity, water, and gas.

Cuculus is always looking to the future, so while ZONOS™ CollectAll can work with legacy meters, we can also help you transition away from the old world and towards smart meters, offering cutting-edge technology that grows with your utility company. CollectAll can integrate with any in-use third-party vending solution and is meter independent, allowing for ultimate flexibility, truly a technology that grows with your utility company.

As part of CollectAll, you can use ZONOS™ Vending as a stand-alone solution. For AMI-enabled devices, it can be integrated into the ZONOS™ IoT Platform.

Prepayment meter tokens are STS compliant and generated securely. Tokens for smart meters are processed in real-time, with any top-up being pushed automatically to the smart meter. Enabling faster payments from end-users equals more cash flow for your utility company.

CollectAll also allows for remote control of smart meters, offering completely new services and insights into consumer usage. This can be used when preparing energy production, load shedding, and load limitation, allowing utility companies to manage their networks with greater cost-efficiency and safety.

Get ready for the future

Cuculus and ZONOS™ CollectAll can help you prepare for the next generation of utility provision. By removing uncertainty around billing and payment processes, it’s possible to both decrease risk for your utility company, while also enabling utility cash flow optimisation and revenue protection.

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