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AMM - Advanced Meter Management

ZONOS™ Advanced Meter Management (AMM) is a high-performance system that manages and controls smart meters and their communication infrastructure with interfaces to Meter Data Management (MDM) and Operations Support Systems (OSS) and others.

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MDM - Meter Data Management

The multi-utility ZONOS™ Meter Data Management (MDM) validates, stores and makes pre-processed meter data available for upstream business applications, e.g. market communication and billing. It receives data from optional ZONOSTM Advanced Meter Management (AMM) or third-party Head-end Systems (HES) and also communicates with these to allow automatic end-to-end Smart Metering processes.

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Integrated solution AMM/MDM

AMM and MDM can be displayed on an integrated platform. This solution avoids data redundancy and is very efficient. This creates cost-savings for procurement, integration and operation.

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SMGWA - Smart Meter Gateway Administration

The high security Smart Meter Gateway Administrator (SMGWA) system enables BSI-compliant administration and management of smart meter gateways according to the standard TR-03109 for the German market.