ZONOS™ AMM is capable of managing smart meters and communication devices from various vendors in the same installation. The system unifies data formats and structures before sending them to applications such as Meter Data Management (MDM) systems. Next to meter data (consumption & production) the system also registers and processes other data such as grid quality parameters, battery status of communication modules or radio reception. ZONOS™ AMM seamlessly integrates the management and control of the communication infrastructure.

Option: Integrated solution AMM/MDM

The system can be provided as AMM only, but also integrated with ZONOS™ Meter Data Management (MDM). This enables an easy start with Smart Metering. The system can consequently grow in functionality with the technical, commercial and procedural requirements of a client. Benefits include an extremely high performance, lower data volumes and less complex interfaces. Implementation and investment costs are lower and so are also the operating costs. The support of various meters and communication technologies enables a customised and cost-effective roll-out. It is also possible to start with ZONOS™ AMM/MDM as a stand-alone solution and then gradually realize full end-to-end processes through integration with other systems (e.g. ERP, customer care & billing, NIS).


  • Reference customer reduced Smart Metering investment costs with more than 30% through avoidance of meter vendor lock-in that is normal for proprietary Head-end Systems
  • Lower operational costs through management and control of both meters and communication infrastructure in the same system
  • High-performance system capable of handling very high reading frequencies and data volumes for Smart Grid applications
  • Reduced risk since system can easily be expanded to e.g. handle new requirements driven by either regulatory or commercial requirements


  • Multi-utility support (power, gas, water, heat, etc.)
  • Native support of meters and concentrators without Head-end
    (via SML, DLMS, DSMR, IS15959, IEC 62056-21, FAHAM, ANSI 12.22 MBUS, wMBus, etc.)
  • Support of a wide range of Head-end Systems (also CIM/ Standard IEC 61968-9)
  • Quick and flexible expansion through plug-ins for new meters, gateways and Head-end Systems
  • Extensive device management and synchronization features with asset management
  • Configuration management for meters and other devices
  • Extensive device control transactions (e.g. on demand meter read, disconnection, load limitation, parameter synchronisation, time of use (TOU) configuration, pre-payment)
  • Automatic topology compilation (meters, communication modules, gateways, concentrators, repeaters, etc.)
  • Management of security keys and certificates
  • Centralised and uniform event and alarm management
  • Technical validation and pre-processing of incoming data
  • Flexible mapping and transformation of incoming and outgoing data streams
  • Unlimited number of OBIS codes or different data streams
  • Transparent process management/interfaces for process monitoring
  • Extensive reporting and statistics
  • Functional extension through use of optional ZONOS™ Modules
PDF 306.7 KB Data sheet: AMM - Advanced Meter Management