Based on the ZONOS IoT platform, Cuculus provides a flexible system for external market participants.

The heart of the solution is a high security tunnel of communications from the devices to the business backend solutions.

The solution is not limited to the Smart Metering industry.


  • Direct access to all devices such as meters and CLS devices on a single platform.
  • Secure data communication channel (end to end process).
  • Protocol-independent connection of CLS devices.
  • Compliance with ISO 27001 and TR-03109.
  • Plug ‘n’ play solution, no complexity.
  • Easy integration into third party solutions via API.

Use cases for all parties

  • Submetering – Direct connection to manage and control a specific CLS device such as heater.
  • Measurement of actual feed-in power according to TAF9 combined with switching operations via FNN control box (measure-switch-measure).
  • EEG load level control over FNN control box at 0%, 30%, 60%, 100%.
  • Knowledge of real-time energy consumption and efficiency.
  • Load control and management over CLS devices especially in energy storage at consumer premises in terms of energy availability and tariffs.
  • Billing simplicity.