Our ZONOS™ FraudDetect solution offers a new way for utility companies to detect fraudulent activity. By protecting your critical infrastructure from fraud and theft, you can reduce costs while also improving utility performance and grid stability.

Identifying electric energy theft in the current industrial ecosystem is vital for economic growth and grid stability, as well as the environment. Cuculus has discovered a new approach to identifying fraudulent consumption behavior. This approach significantly improves the performance of fraud detection compared to traditional methods and may possibly be applicable to other critical utilities such as gas, water, or heating. In the future, this approach will be incorporated into the ZONOS™ module named ZONOS™ FraudDetect. In this paper, you will learn how Cuculus can help utilities and their critical infrastructure to identify fraudulent consumption behavior, quantify the corresponding losses general but also identify individual fraudulent customers.

Download a PDF of this white paper.

PDF 301.5 KB White Paper: FraudDetect