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ZONOS™ ReportPlus

The ZONOS™ Module ReportPlus enables customisable analytics and reportings for all kind of data gathered by the ZONOSTM IoT Platform.

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ZONOS™ PortalBasic

ZONOS PortalBasic makes it easy to create web portals and mobile apps for end-users. Everything is possible ranging from simple visualization to control of devices.

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ZONOS™ EasyConnect

integration of ZONOS with existing system landscapes using a variety of pre-designed interfaces. Numerous standard interface formats exists making import and export easily adaptable to your needs.

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ZONOS™ MobileRead

ZONOS MobileRead enables optical meter reading of conventional utility meters via an app running on standard mobile phones. This makes the meter reading more efficient and accurate.

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ZONOS™ FullProtect

The ZONOS™ Module FullProtect provides a Key Management System (KMS) developed for projects demanding extended security mechanisms for connecting a wide variety of IoT devices with different security requirements.

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ZONOS™ TheFuture

The ZONOS Module TheFuture is a powerful data analysis software that provides accurate and reliable short- and long-term forecasts. Applications include load prediction, grid stability assessment, anticipation of corrosion processes and investigation of dynamic pricing scenarios.

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ZONOS™ 24insight

ZONOS™ 24insight is a powerful data analysis software for short-term predictions with a wide range of applications in critical infrastructures.

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ZONOS™ Vending

ZONOS™ Vending is a high performance and multi-utility system that generates token for STS prepayment meters.