ZONOS™ 24insight is a powerful data analysis software for short-term predictions with a wide range of applications in critical infrastructures. Predictions are made using historical time-series data and state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms based on the theory of dynamical systems.

A major challenge in managing critical infrastructures such as power grids and water systems is to continually balance supply and demand. A reliable forecast of demand is essential in order to optimize the production of critical goods (e.g. electricity, water). ZONOS™ 24insight offers a user-friendly solution by providing precise real-time forecasts with low maintenance costs. The high forecast accuracy enables better planning for the operator and thus saves money and reduces greenhouse gases.

The consumption of power, water, gas and heat results from complex interactions between meteorological and socio-economic factors. Ordinary forecasting techniques usually fail to provide accurate predictions in such a dynamic environment. ZONOS™24insight has been developed to overcome these limitations. By using proprietary data analysis technologies, ZONOS™ 24insight enables accurate predictions for critical infrastructures, even when consumption dynamics are high-dimensional and strongly nonlinear.

ZONOS™ 24insight is fully automated and user friendly. Past time series data are used to generate a forecast model. Real-time forecasts are made by feeding automatically the forecast model with current data. Forecast data are provided digitally for further processing. The forecast and a summary of the performance of past forecasts are shown in dashboards that are constantly updated and storable.


  • Real-time point forecasts including prediction intervals
  • Multi-utility support (power, gas, water, heat, etc.)
  • Forecast based on current and past time series data
  • Special treatment of public holidays
  • Advanced forecasting using climate variables
  • High forecast accuracy of less than 3% forecast error possible


  • Seamless integration through ZONOS™ API
  • Full access to all data in ZONOS™ IoT Platform
  • Melting analytics and real data by using ZONOS™ Module ReportPlus
  • Further data processing possible
  • No additional data cleansing necessary

Use Cases:

Efficient energy production

ZONOS™ 24insight is ideally suited for load forecast 1 to 7 days ahead. This enables system operators to better plan energy production and thus save energy and money.

Avoidance of fines

In many countries, network operators have to pay fines if their forecasts differ too much from the actual values. Using ZONOS™ 24insightprevents such additional costs due to its high forecast accuracy.

Minimize cost for buying additional power

Network operators have to buy additional power if power generation does not meet demand.With ZONOS™ 24insight, these costs can be minimized by making forecasts using custom cost functions.

Increase revenue in water systems

ZONOS™ 24insight makes precise predictions in water systems. This enables operators to reduce operating costs through efficient use of pumps and optimal pressure management.

PDF 1.1 MB Data Sheet: 24insight