The ZONOS™ module EasyConnect combines ETL (Extraction, Transformation and Loading) and ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) components. These can be used together or individually depending on the application. ZONOS™ can be natively connected to external databases, packaged applications (ERP, CRM, etc.), SaaS and Cloud applications, files, web services, data warehouses, data marts and OLAP applications.

EasyConnect provides several hundred connectors for integration. These support all source and target types including required data integration, migration and/or synchronisation. The module combines messaging, web services, data services, intelligent routing and data transformation. This makes it easy to develop reliable REST, Web and data services for integration of ZONOS™ in either heterogeneous IT environments within the enterprise or interfacing with external market parties or partners. Integrations can be created in a modular manner with re-use of these e.g. across processes. This reduces installation and maintenance costs.


  • Supports numerous interfaces (REST, SOAP, e-mail, SFTP, all commonly used databases, message queues, etc.) and data formats (EDIFACT, CSV, Excel, GS2, XML, etc.)
  • Module-based configuration of import and export processes
  • Visual mapping from the source format to the target format
  • Real-time exchange or batch-mode


  • A one-stop solution: tested and integrated with ZONOS™
  • Pre-designed connectors for ZONOS™
  • Fast and flexibly adaptable solution
  • Easy to configure, visual programming
  • Process monitoring integrated in ZONOS™

Use Cases

  • Data is provided as a proprietary CSV format from an existing head-end system and then imported via EasyConnect to ZONOS™. The module EasyConnect makes the creation and operation of the conversion of data formats and data types easy.
  • Validated meter reads are provided by ZONOS™ via standardised export interface. The module EasyConnect is used to create and send market communication messages (e.g. EDIFACT) grouped by the specific grid operators (DSOs).
PDF 1.4 MB Data sheet: ZONOS™ EasyConnect