Archiving can be customised to individual requirements by using the ZONOS™ module FlexArchive with its numerous control parameters. Both timing and frequency of archiving can be chosen with specifications of what data is archived and whether compression is applied. For ZONOS™ systems running as multi-tenant solutions, archiving policies and features can be set-up for each tenant.

Archiving tasks can be executed for all data or based on e.g. the criteria of an operational process/area (technical data, process information, events, meter readings etc.). Tasks can be controlled event- or time-driven, according to individually defined criteria (e.g. criteria such as „older than“). Execution can be manually activated and terminated. Archiving tasks can be run on demand, at a specified point in time, at regular intervals or following a pre-configured time schedule. It is possible to delete archived data from the ZONOS™ database. Monitoring can be ensured by the archiving of status information for audit purposes and by reporting of archiving events to an event/alarm management system or external systems.


  • Flexibility in the selection of data to be archived
  • Planning of one-time or periodic archiving (scheduling)
  • Encryption and compression of archives on demand
  • Administration of archiving tasks via interface (API)
  • Various archiving formats (e.g. CSV, XML, SQL)
  • Data cleansing


  • A one-stop solution: tested and integrated with z
  • Pre-installed context-specific connectors
  • High flexibility regarding type and handling of data
  • Multi-tenancy support
  • Better system performance due to reduction of the live data volume
  • Cost savings through lower requirements to hardware and software resources through removal of data that is not needed for daily operations

Use Cases

  • Archiving of raw data for audit purposes (for audits or to comply with legal requirements)
  • Archiving of process data to prove compliance with SLAs (Service Level Agreements) or for security audits
  • Archiving of application and device related monitoring data (securing data independent of device life cycle)
  • Archiving of customer and billing related data (legal requirements)
  • Archiving of events/alarms for downstream analysis
PDF 913.9 KB Data sheet: ZONOS™ FlexArchive