ZONOS MobileRead enables optical meter reading of conventional utility meters via an app running on standard mobile phones. This makes meter reading personnel more efficient and eliminates errors. The recorded meter reads are transferred to the ZONOS smart metering platform for processing.

The ZONOS module MobileRead allows a seamless integration of conventional mechanical and non-communicating digital meters into a modern smart metering (AMM/MDM) infrastructure. ZONOS MobileRead provides support for regular readings and meter changes through a fast and uncomplicated meter reading via mobile device camera.

Meter reading can be initiated by manual selection of the meters to be read in the ZONOS interface or via automated services in the ZONOS API. This creates meter reading orders which are assigned to the individual meter readers. The meter reading task is shown via MobileRead APP on the meter reader’s mobile device. The meter reads are acquired by mobile phone camera and transferred automatically, either immediately or optionally later to the ZONOS platform for further processing.


  • Generation and administration of meter reading orders for the team onsite
  • Fast and accurate meter readings via mobile phone camera
  • Automated transfer of the meter reads to the ZONOS platform
  • Learning-mode for setting up app for new meter types and installation scenarios
  • Possible integration into an existing Work Force Management System or into end-customer APPs


  • Lower costs through fast and accurate meter readings
  • Higher quality through elimination of reading errors (integrated validation)
  • Joint process chains for both conventional and smart meters
  • Support of all utilities and divisions (power, water, gas, heating) or industrial measurements (operating hour counter, flow or quantity meter, etc.)
  • Apps available for IOS™ and Android™ devices (mobile phones, tablets)
  • No need for a permanent mobile network connection
  • Support of mechanical and digital meters (also with several tariff registers)

Usage Areas

  • Optical meter reading of conventional meters
  • Support of regular meter readings
  • Support of installation and replacement processes
  • Usable by small up to very large teams of meter readers
  • Simplified self-service readings by end-customers

PDF 1.2 MB Data sheet: ZONOS MobileRead