The ZONOS™ module PortalBasic enables a fast and easy start with end-user interfaces: Short time to market for propositions and elimination of complexity.

The module includes the ZONOS™ Portal API that also makes it easy to interface with third party solutions: Comprehensive and individual portal solutions of third-party are possible.

End-users have access to various information such as consumption data, billing data, comprehensive analysis or comparisons via the web-portal or apps. The portal also supports monitoring and smart control of devices such as decentral production or switching of consumer equipment. The apps enable the mobile use and also function as remote control e.g. in case of “smart home” services. Integrated concepts (multi-channel) with traditional customer information channels like e-mail, PDF or letters can be easily implemented.


  • Standard features for smart metering and energy management
  • Optional features can be added by customer on demand
  • Multi-utility support (electricity, gas, water, heating)
  • Solution is based on a Content Management System (CMS)
  • Secured and encrypted access


  • Short time-to-market: A proven solution with required integrations
  • White Label: Own branding possible
  • Self-service for content, e.g. update of FAQ, News
  • Customisable features to strengthen product differentiation
  • No redundant data storage and thus low synchronization efforts
  • Fast integration with existing customer portals and master data systems (e.g. SAP or CIS)

Visualisation for end-users

  • Overview of consumption and cost
  • Specific visualisation of multi-zone tariffs and energy production
  • Energy assistant
  • Detailed consumption insights
  • Customer consumption rankings
  • Smart customer classification
  • Customer information (change of master data and connection to master data systems)
  • Forecast of cost
  • Integrated shop to offer services and add-ons
PDF 1.1 MB Data sheet: ZONOS™ PortalBasic