Extensive monitoring is essential in order to efficiently operate systems with large number of devices and customers. Flexible and powerful analysis resulting in meaningful reports is a key element to do this.

The ZONOS™ Module ReportPlus enables scheduled or event-driven generation of standardized or individually defined analysis and reports. Both design and layout of reports as well as scheduling of execution times are customisable for users.

Flexible dashboard design

Numerous components (e.g. tables, various charts, text boxes) enable users to create their own dashboards and reports to follow their business needs.

Pre-installed analysis and charts templates make it easy to get started and can be customised if needed.

Flexible report scheduling

Reports can be generated on demand, at a specified point in time or following a pre-configured time schedule (scheduling) via a GUI or a powerful REST API. The execution of a report can e.g. be set to be carried out on the 5th day of a month, daily or according to other criteria. Time zones can be taken into account. It is also possible to use a calendar-based execution to get e.g. recurring reports for dedicated months or days. Reporting periods can be defined in a flexible way when this is important for reports that cannot be run according to normal calendar intervals.


  • Integration with ZONOS™ IoT Platform plus support for optimized data warehouses and other external data sources
  • Smart and flexible data analytics and processing
  • Reports in widely used formats (e.g. pdf, xls/xlsx, csv, html)
  • Interactive and easily customisable dashboards
  • Integration in ZONOS™ graphical user interfaces


  • A one-stop solution: Tested and integrated with ZONOS™ IoT Platform
  • Wide range of pre-installed business area related reports and dashboard components
  • Intuitive user interface allowing easy and fast adaption to address customisation needs or changing requirements
  • No limitations in the number and type of reports and dashboards

Use cases

  • Overview and analysis on key performance indicators for processes (e.g. data gathering, installation, maintenance, move-in or move-out in case of Smart Metering)
  • Analysis of behaviour of customers and devices by applying clustering algorithms or joining data of different data sources
  • Prediction of events, alarms or consumptions by using historical information and forecast e.g. like weather information
  • Reports on meter reading success rates, on general system status, overview on events and alarms that occurred in the system
PDF 341.2 KB Data sheet: ZONOS™ ReportPlus