The ZONOS Module TheFuture consists of four components:

ZONOS 24insight and ZONOS Infinity are the basic product components. ZONOS 24insight makes short-term predictions with high precision and is ideally suited for load forecast 1 to 7 days ahead. ZONOS Infinity allows robust long-term forecasts and trend analysis.

ZONOS GridProtect and ZONOS PriceAndMore are high-end products using proprietary data analysis technologies. ZONOS GridProtect uses generic algorithms to anticipate corrosion processes and to evaluate network stability. ZONOS PriceAndMore offers a variety of uses, from analysing dynamic pricing to scenario exploration of IoT applications.

The ZONOS Module TheFuture is fully automated and user friendly. For all four components, past time series data are used to generate the forecast model. Real-time forecasts are made by automatically feeding the forecast model with current data. Forecast data are provided digitally for further processing. The forecast and a summary of the performance of past forecasts are shown in dashboards that are constantly updated and storable.


  • Real-time point forecasts including prediction intervals
  • Multi-utility support (power, gas, water, heat, etc.)
  • Can be integrated with centralized and uniform event and alarm management
  • Forecast based on current and past time series data
  • Short-term precision forecast with ZONOS 24insight
  • Robust long-term forecast and trend analysis with ZONOS Infinity
  • Evaluation of grid stability with ZONOS GridProtect
  • Dynamic pricing and scenario exploration with ZONOS PriceAndMore


  • Seamless integration via ZONOS API
  • Full access to all data in ZONOS IoT Platform
  • No additional data cleansing necessary
  • Usage of module output for further data processing possible
  • Melting analytics and real data via ZONOS Module ReportPlus
  • Customizable

Application Areas:

  • Forecast and management of electric demand
  • Prediction of water and gas consumption
  • Optimization of heating systems
  • Management of agricultural processes
  • Improvement of power grid stability
  • Anticipation of corrosion status of cables
  • Consumer behaviour analysis and pattern recognition
  • Input for energy trading contracts
  • Support of dynamic pricing by forecast of market dynamic
  • Fraud detection
  • Scenario exploration under climate change
PDF 3 MB Data sheet: ZONOS TheFuture