The system supports all prepayment business processes through functionalities such as customer management, bill management, flexible tariff scenarios and supporting different vending media. Additionally, useful and auditable reports can be generated. ZONOS™ Vending helps utilities to improve cash flow and protect revenue.


  • No meter reading overheads or related problems
  • No billing costs and challenges
  • Easier customer care
  • Revenue protection
  • No challenges and costs through automatic disconnection of customers when balance reaches zero
  • Full procurement power for utilities and future proof setupthrough meter vendor independence
  • Open standards like DLMS and STS


  • Multi-utility support (gas, water, electricity)
  • Meter vendor independence
  • High security, high performance, extendable
  • Efficient and advanced customer and meter management
  • Support of multi-channel vending such as POS, cellphone,e-banking, scratch card, CDU, AVM, ATM
  • Open standard, support of STS1 & STS Ed2 (STS6) and STS2 / CTS (ToU) prepayment metering
  • Powerful tariff management engine for single, TOU and step tariff
  • Compatibility with low speed telecommunication networks
  • Concurrent mass transaction management
  • High level of scalability: one system is suitable for both small-scale and large-scale systems
  • Automatic generation of useful and auditable reports
  • Provision of 24/7 services for end-users of the vending system

ZONOS™ Vending is a secure, fast and easy-to-use system providing an easy access to STS token for prepaid electricity, water and gas meters. Our solution helps utilities, retailers and third-party companies to manage their prepaid business.

ZONOS™ Vending supports STS and generates tokens for any kind of STS compatible meter. It also supports non-STS meters if the specification of their prepaid algorithm is delivered for the development of drivers.

PDF 1.8 MB Data Sheet: Vending