The ZONOSTM IoT Platform offers new possibilities for the utility sector with solutions for energy suppliers, grid operators, metering companies, energy service providers or telecommunication companies to offer innovative and attractive services. The high flexibility enables propositions combining Smart Metering, Smart City and Smart Home functionality within one platform.

The modular design principle of the ZONOSTM IoT Platform makes it possible to start small and add functionality step-by-step in line with evolving commercial, procedural and technical requirements of a client. Close cooperation with partners and integrators ensures solutions that outperform and build customer satisfaction.


  • Ultra-high-speed core for data collection and data processing reduces investment costs and simplifies scalability
  • Standardized and intuitive user interface reduces training and operating costs
  • SaaS, cloud concepts or on-site installations enable implementations seamless scaling from small pilots to large scale roll-outs
  • Modular design principle and the ZONOSTM Modules ensure easy adaptation to new requirements and your own business goals


  • Proven applications in the area of Smart Metering, Smart City and Energy Management in general
  • Vendor independence: support of multiple readout technologies and device manufacturers for data collection
  • Storage and processing of various data streams such as power, gas, water, heat, pressure, temperature, etc. in one system
  • Management of services: flexible design of services which can control access to data and functionality through interfaces and can be used for billing
  • System design: scalable, modern, virtualised and compliant with all security requirements
  • Operation as a stand-alone system or integrated into an existing system landscape
  • Offered as managed solution (SaaS, Cloud) or for operation in the customer‘s data centre
  • Numerous interfaces and protocols available and expandable as plugin
  • Functional extension through use of own applications or optional ZONOSTM Modules (e.g. reporting, archiving, data analytic or visualisation)
  • ZONOSTM Control Panel GUI for configuration and monitoring of devices, processes and data
PDF 450.4 KB Data sheet: ZONOS™ IoT Platform